Egoiste Noir is Coffee for True Coffee Lovers

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 Just as your favorite music artist touches every emotion within your soul, Egoiste Noir awakens senses most coffee lovers didn’t know they had. Egoiste is the first choice for coffee drinkers around the world due to our reputation for high-quality and attention to detail. Only the best beans are used during our production process which is controlled in collaboration with international coffee produces from Switzerland, Germany, India and Columbia. Egoiste is a result of long, laborious work in several countries of the world. Ours is an inimitable blend and original design embodiment. 

Egoiste does not provide coffee lovers with “just another” excellent coffee, we are dedicated to impressing you with every cup of Egoiste Noir you drink. Our never-ending quest for excellence and the confidence that our customers have in our products guarantees satisfaction for coffee lovers around the globe.

Blended from the best high-mountain Arabica beans, and hand-picked at the best Kenyan plantations, Egoiste Noir has a pure flavor that is smooth and welcoming to the palate. Only the top 20% (grade and price) of the finest Arabica beans are selected for our coffee. We roast our beans in small batches to ensure the evenness and consistency of the roast.

If, like us, coffee is more than just another beverage to you, you owe it to your senses to try Egoiste Noir. Experience a real collection of coffee art, fit to satisfy the most demanding taste — yours.

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